Pre-Columbiana: A Journal of Long-Distance Contacts

Founded in 1998, Pre-Columbiana is an international interdisciplinary journal of culture history dedicated to the study of questions of long-distance movements of people and culture before the time of Columbus’ first voyage to the Western Hemisphere in 1492. Pre-Columbiana’s particular focus is possible interhemispheric contacts and influences by sea, although long-distance intrahemispheric sea-borne movements—e.g., across the Indian Ocean and between Middle and South America—as well as the spread of people and culture in the Pacific islands, also fall within the journal’s scope. In addition, the serial’s interests include pre-modern long-distance land migrations and diffusions—such as within Eurasia or South America or between Asia and North America via Beringia.

Subjects treated include traditional watercraft, sailing, and navigation; archaeoastronomy; archaeo- and ethnobotany and -zoology; physical anthropology, including genetics studies and paleopathology; culture traits, including material culture (e.g., technology; art) and non-material culture (e.g., religious and political concepts and practices; time-reckoning; language and writing), and evolutionary or historical-diffusionist explanations for these; linguistics and epigraphy; germane paleoenvironmental studies; discussions of relevant methodological and theoretical questions; and the history of ideas pertaining to these issues.

Pre-Columbiana appears on an occasional basis. For submissions information, contact the Editor. For subscriptions, contact Ceila Heil, 2014 Covington Dr., Florence, AL 35630-1658;